Thursday, June 21, 2007

Post One

And so it begins...
Because my life is not busy enough, I thought I'd add something else. I guess somewhere between feeding, changing, and loving the two month old baby, carrying around the four year old with a broken leg, driving around the seven year old and ten year old to gymnastics or soccer or scouts or friends' houses, along with the other traumas of life, I want to find a way to record the small moments that I so easily forget...Kate saying "I want to play with your hair, Mom" or Sophie's grin after nailing three back handsprings, or Josh kissing Ben with a look of pure contentment. I don't share these enough with my family and friends.

Here are some of the Green's highlights of the last week and a half:

David became interim CEO of the Symphony/Opera on Monday, June 11.
Josh began practices on Tuesday the 12th with the competitive soccer team he'll be playing on this year: Impact White.
On Thursday, June 14, Kate broke her leg falling from the monkey bars at Josh's soccer practice.
Friday, we went to Millcreek Canyon to our favorite picnic area by the stream with David's parents and Lyndsey (David's niece who is currently living with us) for dinner.
Sunday was Father's Day, and we had dinner in Heber with David's family.
Monday, Sophie began working out again with the Level 5 team at her gym.
Wednesday, Kate got her hot pink waterproof walking cast after a long wait in the fracture clinic at Primary Children's Medical Center.
Pictures from the canyon:

Benjamin: 2 months old

Lyndsey and Kate

Grandma and Ben

And here is our little limping girl with her favorite little brother:

I'm hoping next week will be a little less exciting. Also, that the four year old will start walking on her own. And maybe the baby will sleep through the night? I can always dream...