Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Back!

Oh my! It's been a month since I've posted?

The highlights:

Piano auction for the piano studio (so much fun!) All my students have earned music dollars for practicing, performing, answering questions in group class, etc. Twice a year or so we have an auction where everyone uses their music dollars to bid on enticing prizes. The prizes range from 2 liter bottles of soda to gift certificates to the dollar movies to art supplies to nail polish to practice coupons (one day off, pass off a song you're tired of, etc.). The older students act kind of like they're too old, but I think they secretly all enjoy it.

Thanksgiving in Spokane with Paul, Cindee, Bill, Rachelle, and Dave's mom. Long drive, but lots of fun. We even tried a cousins photo shoot in their matching Christmas jammies. The babies would not cooperate.

Four concerts for Viva Voce. It was nice to be back, after taking off the spring season because of Ben, of course. One concert was in the Assembly Hall and my longtime friend Nicole was the featured guest artist on cello. We played some Schumann together and it was a fantastic time. We hadn't played together since right after college, and it felt so wonderful. Oh, and that piano...nine feet of Steinway bliss. It's one of my favorite pianos.

Josh had a cello recital and did very well. Sophie had to get a new violin. She outgrew the 1/8 size, so we moved her up to a 1/4. I have to practice being nice while they practice. It's hard to keep my mouth shut and say positively reinforcing things. I need a lesson in being a better practice mom.

Brent came to visit, and we had a wonderful time. I didn't even know he was coming for sure until I heard a male voice coming down my stairs while I was folding laundry. Heart attack. We had so much fun going to dinner with Kurt, Ash, Eric, Nina, and then the lights on temple square the next night.

Ben turned 8 months old. I'm in denial. His sleep is still terrible, his smile is still wonderful, and he is cruising all over our furniture. Also, he's in love with pulling our CDs off the shelf.

And of course I'm working on Christmas. I want it to be calmer and more enjoyable than last year's Christmas season. So far, it's a mixed bag. I've done well with some things, but not as well as I'd like with others. But most of our presents are bought and I have just a few more projects to go. Here's hoping for peace, joy, and love. I don't want to forget that this season is all about Christ and the gift He is to all of us.