Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Have I mentioned how much I love my brothers?

Have I mentioned how much my children love my brothers?

Have I mentioned Benno is a nut?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Post

So it turns out that my hard drive had a mechanical failure and nothing was able to be retrieved.

Isn't that fun?

There are companies that can work with the failed hard drive, but they are not cheap.  It will be a while before I find out if anything on the old hard drive can be saved.  So for now we're starting new.

Isn't THAT fun?

But Thanksgiving WAS fun, so that's good.  And I hadn't deleted all the pictures off my camera before the hard drive crashed, so I've got a few weeks worth, anyway.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Resolution Check In...48 days late

I am a LEETLE bit behind on this check in.  And it's funny, because when I looked at my resolutions today, I thought, "Oh?  Really?  THAT was a goal?"  So apparently I should probably have done my check in at the end of September as scheduled so I could remember what I thought was important back at the optimistic beginning of the year.

But here goes.


Attend the temple at least 10 times.  (I've been 8 times.  I think I'll hit this one.  And this has been life-changing for me.  I love being in the temple.)
At least one page of the Book of Mormon every day.  (I haven't been totally consistent, but I'm reading 3-7 pages a day and writing down thoughts, and I'm learning more than I ever have before.)
Read Old Testament. (I've read more of the Old Testament than I have since college and have found amazing passages that have taught me so much.  So no, I won't finish the entire book, but I've been learning to love it, and I think that's a step in the right direction.)
Keep journal of spiritual impressions. (Yes, mixed with my thoughts from my scripture study.  This has been a life-changer, too.  Love it.)

Home Life:

Family scripture study daily. (We've really started a habit lately.  In fact, I was skipping it last night after Josh's concert and Ben asked when we would study the scriptures.  It's not as consistent as I'd like, but it's much improved, and it's been good for all of us.)
Teach children responsibility (We're working on it.  The kids have an extra room they're responsible for each week.  They sometimes do it well, sometimes they do it not so well, and sometimes they don't do it at all.  Sounds like me and laundry...  But overall, I think we're seeing some improvements here.)
Picture of the day (I've done pretty well.  I've missed a bunch lately, and it's obviously taking me a long time to get them on to the computer, but I think that's OK.  The fact is, we'll always have a snapshot (literally) of our 2010...the good, the bad, and the messy.)
Help Josh achieve his Deacon Duty to God (Nope.  I blew it on this one.)
Work on Josh’s scouting. Get ready for his Eagle in 2011. (We did WAY more merit badges during the summer than we've ever done before.  Other than that, I've been a slacker, so this is a good reminder to help him finish up a little more.)
Kitchen and great room clean nightly (As if.)
Breakfast on the table at 7:25 (More like 7:45.  I may try to do better on this, or I may wait to add it to my 2011 resolutions.  Nothing like procrastinating to get a job done...)
Menu planning (Sometimes)
Food storage improved (Yes.  I'm far from perfect in this, but I did take advantage of some case lot sales and I definitely have more basics than I did last year.)
Deep cleaning daily (What do YOU think?  Does cleaning up after the potty-training boy and the old dog count?)
Teach Josh and Sophie piano every week (Well, since Sophie's taking from Bridget and I let Josh quit (GASP!  THE HORROR!) I guess I've met the spirit of this one.)
Clean desk every day (Oops.  Forgot this one.)
Clean car every week (This happened sometimes.  But not lately.  David will tell you so.)
Pay bills and be aware of the money situation every week (I'm better than I ever have been, although still not where I'd like to be.  Room to improve.)
No fines at the library (Massive and total failure.  And not one of you is surprised.)
Functioning mudroom (Better.  Not great.  It's still the main residence of the old and smelly dog, so that kind of keeps us from wanting to go in.)
Organized storage room (Better.  Because of David.  And also Malisa.  Not something I can claim.  But maybe I will anyway.)
Fun family outing monthly (I haven't done well at this, and I really want to.  So I'll keep thinking about it.)
At least one family vacation (Our Idaho trip in August was wonderful.  Everyone loved it.  It wasn't an enormous vacation, but it was very very happy.  Also, it checked off the next item.)
At least one camping trip (Score!  Two for one!)


Daily service (Sometimes.)
Weekly date night with David (Not so good)
Weekend getaway with David (That was SUPPOSED to be Snow Canyon.  It did not happen the way we planned.  So not yet.)
Birthday cards to family (Not so good.  Why is this so hard for me?)
At least 2 dinner parties a month (Sometimes yes and sometimes no.)
Visiting teaching complete every month (I have complete visiting teaching guilt every month.  But I don't think that was the point of this goal.)


To bed before 11:15 consistently (I still want to work on this.  I have done better than I have before for a little while, then I blow it and stay up until 1:30 doing nothing of importance.)
1010 miles in 2010 (I decided against this one back in the cold and miserable beginning of the year.)
20000 crunches in 2010 (This one was also quickly discarded.  And my abs are proof.)
5 pull ups in a row (Sorry, Danielle, but I have not been inspirational on this one.  At least YOU got the bar up.)
Lose those last few baby pounds (Some of them are gone.  A few of them remain.)
Run a mile in 7 minutes (TODAY!  I DID THIS TODAY!!!!!  This is why I'm doing this check in, because I'm so EXCITED!!!!  In fact, I ran UP THE HILL without stopping (which was another goal I finally met this year), ran a couple more miles, then ran my mile in 6:55!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, it was mostly downhill, but I just don't care, because my body has never been that fast without wheels.)
Add more strength training (I was good at this for a while and need to get back to it.)
Run some race some time (YES!  And how about KNOCK MY PR OUT OF THE WATER?  Snow Canyon Half Marathon: 1:54:34, thank you very much.  I know many of you are way faster than I am, so it's a little embarrassing to be so excited about my pace, but I'm so thrilled to have actually gotten faster this year.)


Read one good book a month (I've been practicing more and reading less.)
Writing...not sure what yet (I haven't done much writing, but I'm writing in my journal again.)
Photography classes. Improve skills to better record family life. (Actually, I've gotten worse.  Oh well.  One day I'll figure out how to improve and spend the time it takes.)


Recital? (No.  But I created our piano group.  And I decided to get ready to audition for my DMA in February, so I think that counts.)
Have 20 pieces memorized (I really should still do this, even with my DMA stuff.  I need some just playable stuff in my fingers.  I only have about 6-8.)
Arrange 2 pieces for beginning piano trio (piano, cello, and violin) (I've written one!  And it turned out pretty well!)


Pay tithing on the Sunday after the paycheck EVERY TIME (Better.)
Create working budget/envelope system/allowances (Still in process.)
Be proactive (I really should just erase this because I don't know what I meant.)
Don’t use credit cards (Finally doing this.)
Get out of debt (This is not a one year goal, I'm afraid.)

So...Not so bad.

I'm just going to say that considering how perfectly nasty so much of the year has been, I'm so grateful to also see growth and progress.  Heavenly Father has given me more strength than I ever would have on my own, and I've felt His hand supporting me and helping me time and time again, in my enormous needs AND in the silly things like my running pace.  Crazy, isn't it?  God is good.

Now...back to practicing.  I need to memorize some more Chopin.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fingers Crossed, Please

So the computer...still not fixed.  It's in the hands of the Apple geniuses now.

If the hard drive is as dead as it seems to be, I'm in a heap of trouble and a heap of sadness, because I am a full-on dork.  Dork of the highest order.  Dorkus extremus.  Why do I speak so harshly of my own little sweet self?  Because I didn't back up my pictures.  Or my finances.  Or my writing.  Or anything else.  Why?  Refer back to the first, second and third sentences.  Of course I know better.  OF COURSE I do.  And yet...

The nice Apple genius at the store today told me there was a little hope.  So I'm saying lots of prayers and trying not to worry yet.  Too much.

And now...back to practicing.  Hope you've all had a great and lovely week.

(And for those of you who are a little bit dorky like I have been...Go back up your pictures.  Right now.)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life in 37,000 words. Or so.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  And I am somewhere around 37 days behind on my picture of the day posts.  And now my computer is broken so I have no access to the pictures that would tell the story of our lives in the last 37 days.
I'm hoping I'll be able to get through the gray screen of Mac Death and fix everything myself in the next little while.  (Stop laughing, Chad.)  Will you keep your fingers crossed with me?

Until then, here are some of the highlights you're missing:

Recitals.  Concerts.  Pumpkin carving.  Halloween stuff.  Maybe some late night messy house pictures or something...there always seem to be some of those filler pics.  And yesterday?  Well, that picture will be of the Snow Canyon Half Marathon I ran with my amazing sister-in-law, Christina, and my amazing friends, Liz and Bliss, and Liz's sister-in-law Tricia.  My goal was to finally get under 2 hours.  It's a downhill course, and I thought just maybe I could do it.

And I DID IT.  And so did EVERYONE ELSE in our group.  It was such a fantastic race.  So I'll write about that when I get pictures.  (I will NOT be posting the picture Liz snuck of me sleeping in the car on the way down to St. George, though.  Liz sent it to David while we were driving.  David's response?  "This is not the girl I married."  It's a real winner.)

There should also be pictures of practicing, because I'm doing that a lot.  I'm also doing a lot of laundry and dishes, but I don't think there are pictures of housecleaning.  There probably aren't any pictures of me sleeping, because that doesn't seem to happen as much as it should.

There.  Was that 37,000 words?  No?  Well, let's hope the computer is up and running again soon, then, because I'm all out of words for the moment.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funny David and Bountiful Baskets 10.2.10

David is not a boring man.  Crazy, sometimes, but never boring.

He was on tour with the symphony and had to get the new maestro to a photoshoot early in the morning of the 2nd.  While Maestro Fischer and the crew were taking pictures, he decided to climb up from below to surprise them.

Apparently, there are some wonderful pictures of David and Thierry (I haven't seen them yet), but this one captures the moment for me better than any great portrait would.

While David was gallivanting around the countryside, I was holding down the fort at home.  I also picked up my first Bountiful Basket (a produce co-op lots of my friends have tried.)  I bought the regular share, an Italian package of produce, and a bushel of peaches.  I loved all of the gorgeous produce, and we ate very very well all the next week.