Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello Again

AAARRRGH. That's all I have to say. Every time I think I might just have a chance at getting life in control, it gets away from me. Big Time.

So to catch up...

I'm quitting teaching. Whoa. It's huge. I've been teaching since I was 19 (and yes, that was a heckuva long time ago.) I've loved it. It's a major part of who I am. I love my students, I love passing on my love of music, and I really love having something I am better at than this homemaking stuff. But after months of agonizing, praying, and agonizing some more, we've decided that in order for me to truly give my kids what I think they need, I need to put them before my students. Those after-school hours are so precious, and I'm afraid that other peoples' children have had to come first. So for a few years, I'm going to see if I can help our family be a little less insane, a little more relaxed. I have been amazed at the emotion behind this decision, and I know it's hard on a lot of people, but I have to follow my heart.

We also just got back from a week long, yes-we're-crazy, 2300 mile road trip. We started in Boise for my grandma's 90th birthday party (Happy Birthday, Grandma! You're amazing!). From there we drove to Bend, Oregon to stay overnight on our way to the Redwoods in Northern California. We stayed in a little vacation home on the coast in Crescent City for two nights, then on to San Francisco (in a room with two double beds. What were we thinking? Oh yeah, we didn't want to spend $200 a night.) for two more nights, then home. Whoa. Remind me next time that Ben hates to travel, OK? We made a lot of memories, spent a lot of money on gas, and reveled in the beauty of our earth. We are blessed greatly.

Kate finished preschool last week, Sophie and Kate both finished ballet this week (and both have decided against ballet for next year), Josh has comp soccer tryouts two nights this week, Ben is FINALLY WALKING (as of last Monday), Josh graduates from sixth grade on Wednesday, and I can't believe time just keeps flying at the speed of sound. STOP IT. Just STOP IT. I want to breathe.

Here are some pictures: