Saturday, January 3, 2015

Picture of the Day 1-1-2015 (You know you were hoping!)

Today, Ben discovered the Pictures of the Day from 2010, and was beyond thrilled to see himself in picture after picture after picture. One of the side effects of being the youngest child is not seeing yourself in family pictures before your birth, and poor Ben has looked at many, many family videos and scrapbooks without a sign of himself. He loved seeing evidence of his important place in our family, and I loved watching him discover this importance. While looking at the blog posts with him, I decided that those tiny details of life were well worth recording for seven year old Ben and for 43 year old me and for all of us in between. So...I'm starting again.
It's fitting, then, that I start with a picture starring Ben. He got a book of science experiments for Christmas and has loved doing them. This experiment involved seeing how many heavy books could be supported by four half eggshells (seven). I love his curiosity. And his questions. He asks so so many questions. One of the questions he asks the most is, "Am I asking too many questions?" My answer is always, "There's no such thing as too many questions, Benno."