Friday, August 26, 2011

What I Do When I'm Not Blogging

Teach piano lessons (and yes, thank you, I am having a lot of fun.)
Play with my kids.
Read dumb books.
Eat too many cookies (and yes, thank you, that is the story of my life.)
Decide to go off sugar because I don't want to be fatter at 40 than I've ever been in my life (unless pregnant. And yes, thank you, 40 is just around the corner. Way closer than I'm ready to accept.)
Not practice (feeling slightly guilty about this, but enjoying my time away from the piano just the same.)
Write blog posts in my head, complete with pictures, but never actually get them to the computer keyboard (I have written mind-posts about weeding/sin, unexpected blessings, kids who make me crazy, Ben and his eating habits, how I feel about teaching, why it's wrong that I have a child in high school...and many many more! Are you sad I haven't written them?)
Have my 20th wedding anniversary (and YES, thank you, I WAS a child bride.) (Also, 20 years? I'm pretty proud of us. And I love my husband.)
Have wonderful people come and stay at my house.
Feel sad about my brother.
Feel sad about another brother.
Feel happy about my wonderful family.
Feel happy about old friends and make amazing new ones.
Watch my children swim.
Celebrate my son's 15th birthday in Heber while he attended a week-long music camp.
Sit under the stars on a mountainside in Park City, listening to the Von Trapp children, and Idina Menzel, and the 1812 Overture, and a band that thought they were pretty close to Queen.
Watch my children grow up.
Hike in fields of wildflowers and up mountainsides and to lakes and with friends and with family.
Watch my dog get older.
Recognize the hard and the good and the happy and the sad and how it's all one...all of it...all necessary for this rich, rich life we lead.