Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hooray for the 4th of July

Summer is both wonderful and aggravating.

Wonderful: Sleeping in, playing on the front lawn with all the neighbors at night, getting to be with the monkeys all day long, barbecues, playing in Millcreek Canyon, running without gloves and a hat, weekly library trips, playing in water.

Aggravating: Can they GO a day without fighting?, the house isn't ever clean (but then, is it clean during the rest of the year?), worrying about not camping, not practicing enough, not enjoying ourselves enough, feeling like time is slipping by just way way too fast.

But really, the 4th of July is so much of what I love about summer. Patriotism aside, it's a holiday that doesn't take a lot of preparation, but gives a huge payback in fun and memories. What could be better?
This year our 4th of July began with our traditional parade down Stratford Avenue. Paul, Cindee, Bill, Rachelle and the kids all joined us. The girls traded off riding in the Barbie Jeep and Josh rode his bike. There are more people in the parade than are watching the parade, and that's the fun of it. At the end, on Alden Avenue, the neighbors have set out a street fair with snow cones, popcorn, a fishing pond, and all kinds of old-fashioned fun.
Paul, Cindee, Lexie, Ella, Alyssa

Look! I actually did cute hair...amazing.

Alysha, Sophie, and Lexie

Bill, Alysha, Rachelle
Later in the day we went to the Gateway water fountains to hang out with Paul and Cindee again. I was yet again SO grateful for waterproof casts.

Then that night we had a barbecue at the Bertolas with the neighbors. Eric, Nina, Kurt & Ashleigh all joined us. Food and fireworks...life is good.

I love the 4th of July. Can't wait for next year!

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Tracy said...

KERRI!! This is great! I am excited to put your link on my blog now - (tracy from the loop) :)I'm so glad you started one - it will be fun! LOVE the name of your blog!!