Sunday, July 22, 2007

Giant of a Man

David's dad died tonight. It has been a terribly sad weekend, but there was something purifying about being together as a family and sharing in such a loss.
Dad was a surgeon, a genealogist, a lover of facts. He researched anything and everything that caught his fancy and loved to talk about his latest find. He loved us. He gave hugs and kisses everytime he saw us, and we never never doubted that he thought we were special. He is a great spirit and lived a beautiful and full life.
These pictures are from the last time we were together in our favorite spot in Millcreek Canyon on June 15th. Dad loved sitting by the stream, watching the kids play and listening to the water. He loved life fully and we love him the same way.
We will miss you, Dad.

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Tracy said...

Kerri, that was a beautiful post with wonderful words and pictures. What a wonderful man Dave's father was - God bless you and your family at this time.