Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Post

So it turns out that my hard drive had a mechanical failure and nothing was able to be retrieved.

Isn't that fun?

There are companies that can work with the failed hard drive, but they are not cheap.  It will be a while before I find out if anything on the old hard drive can be saved.  So for now we're starting new.

Isn't THAT fun?

But Thanksgiving WAS fun, so that's good.  And I hadn't deleted all the pictures off my camera before the hard drive crashed, so I've got a few weeks worth, anyway.


Lara said...

No, Kerri. That is NOT fun! I'm so sorry. You have inspired me to back up everything tonight...I'm so bad about it.

I'm glad you have a few of your photos still on your camera...and at least you uploaded a lot to your blog, too, right?

tonandboys said...

That is so sad! We had the same thing happen with our external hard drive a few years ago...I feel your pain. It is still sitting in the closet, because I couldn't bring myself to fork over that kind of cash. I hope you find a way to get your pictures back. So sad!

Amber said...

I feel for you, losing pictures is rough. But it sounds like there is hope, so good luck!

Hayes Family said...

Oh Kerri...have you learned NOTHING from my FOUR crashed hard drives?