Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

I just caught the tail end of Sophie's email to a friend:

"This has been the WORST SPRING BREAK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Is she right?

I don't know.  Probably not the worst EVER, but it sure hasn't been a dream.  David was super sick.  There was all this SNOW (this picture is at the beginning of the three days of snow.  There are eight inches out there now.)  And of course, most of her friends have been in Hawaii, or NYC, or So Cal.  Compared to parasailing in Hawaii?  Yup.  Worst spring break ever.

But we DID go to the library!  And she got to go to the old school's Arts Night!  And Josh got to have a party!  And we shopped for Ben & Kate's birthdays!  And...that's about it.


My poor kids.

(On another note, today is Benno's fourth birthday and I'm feeling my normal angst about letting him get older.  Drat.  I can't stop time.)


Amber said...

And to counter balance her statement, she is at the age where everything is in ALL CAPS AND EXTREMES ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!

It's cold everywhere...I think this was a year of universal Spring Break disappointment :<

Gaylene said...

Where have I bee? I didn't even realize it was SPRING BREAK!

Michelle said...

happy birthday to your sweet baby boy!

Um, this was a yucky week, that's all there is to it. Happily our break isn't until the 18th. I'm counting on good weather because our big plans are for lots of yard work!

p.s. maybe we can meet you for a fun Saturday? You come south, we go north...