Thursday, April 28, 2011


The audition is over.

Whew.  Sigh of relief.

Did I have slips?


Did I have fun?


Did I make music?


Am I at peace with whatever happens?


Surrendering is a wonderful thing.  I truly am feeling full of peace, and I KNOW I can thank many of you for that.  I felt your prayers around me, supporting me, filling me with love.  And that was a great gift.

And now for the waiting.  They said they'll let me know soon..............


Lara said...

Waiting...the worst part! I am so happy you feel good about the audition.

Cath said...

Your surrender makes me emotional. Have been praying for you. Please let us know... xo

Amber said...

Oy! "Soon" is soo open ended. I really do hope it's soon for you! Isn't peace so wonderful?

Lisa said...

Congratulations. Either way, I believe you were successful! Thanks for sharing the entire's so brave of you to strive for this goal!