Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Night in Deer Valley

We just got back from a night at the Deer Valley Music Festival. Tonight was a performance of The Gondoliers (Gilbert and Sullivan), with the same cast as the last three years' G & S operas. Eric, Nina, Abby, Will, Ezra, Kurt and Ashleigh all joined us. It was a lovely night; clear skies, not too cold. Dinner on a blanket, happy children dancing to seems worthwhile on a night like tonight. And how sweet is it to have Sophie and Josh discussing the points of the opera they liked the best? They really paid attention this year, watching and listening so carefully. It makes a musical mom proud. Not only that, but they threw fits when they realized this would be the only DVMF night they'd get to attend this year. How cute is THAT?

Of course, half the fun for Sophie was practicing walking on her hands and doing cartwheels downhill. Kate and Abby loved running up and down the mountain. Kate's formerly broken leg started to hurt a little after the first few times up and down. She didn't complain, but started to limp a bit. Josh loved snuggling up in blankets and eating a lot of sugar. Ben enjoyed eating and sleeping and smiling at everyone. (This was his first concert!)

My favorite moment of the night was the finale and applause...all the kids except Josh came out to the side of the audience and danced and bowed. Sophie had some great footwork going on, and she spun Abby around. They were darling. Oh, but a close second favorite moment was Will making friends with the man in front of us, then rubbing this stranger's head. Childhood is too short, but so sweet.

It's been such a rough summer that nights like this are all the more precious.


Shannon said...

Sounds fabulous, Kerri! We haven't ever gone, but I'd like to.

Tracy said...

That was fun to read about Kerri - how wonderful! Such cute kiddos!