Thursday, August 30, 2007

"They do not love who do not show their love."

We just saw two people very much in love bind themselves to each other for eternity. My little sister Briana married Mike on the 17th of August, and there was enough love flowing between the two of them to light up a city, or at least a really fun party.

Being married at 19 is not for sissies. (I know from experience.) I was a little concerned about Briana's choice to be married so young. But her wedding day made me second-guess my concerns. This world is so full of worriers, of pessimists, of nay-sayers, too often myself included. These two darling people married young enough that their eyes are still bright. They see nothing but sunshine ahead. And maybe that's not only OK, maybe that's preferable: to have a wedding day full of optimism and hope. Isn't that what we all want, after all? A future full of brightess? There will be trials for them, as there are for all of us, but they're starting out with belief and joy, and so much love. They're pure and sweet now, and I have to think that they will face those certain trials with grace and dignity.

So here's to Bri and Mike. I hope they have as much love for each other in 16 years as David and I have now, not just despite the hard times, but because of them.

Beautiful moments:

The sealing, of course. The sealing room was seeped in love. So sweet.

Watching Mike watching Bri

The flower girls holding Bri's train at the temple
The dancing...especially Chad dancing with Abby! Way to go, Chaddie boy. Also, Dad dancing with Bri. And of course, I loved dancing with David.
The up-dos on the flower girls courtesy of Peggy. Thank you!

Eating cake straight from the plate after the party had ended.

Love, love and more love. There's nothing like family. Chad left for Iraq this week, so it will be some time before we're all together again. It was wonderful to laugh and be together.

The brothers and sisters

The cute cousins

Our little family

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Tracy said...

Kerri, what a beautiful post. I loved it, loved it, loved it! You are right, getting married at 19 aint for sissies!! I was too. We had our bumps along the road, but we stuck it out and boy are we great now! Your sister is beautiful, they are such a good looking couple!