Sunday, September 2, 2007

The First Annual (?) Youngberg Invitational 5K

The few and mighty gathered on Saturday morning after Bri and Mike's wedding to show off our athletic prowess (or lack thereof). Despite statements to the contrary, this was NOT the final showdown in the "Who is better, the Abbotts or the Youngbergs?" duel of 80's and 90's fame.

Our race took us to the church and back around the Lakebed. A run at home has to include the Lakebed. It is one of the biggest parts of our childhood. We all have memories of building forts, jumping in ditches after a rain, finding lizards, and it was always my planned destination when I decided to run away from home.

Here is the crew, the bravest of the brave. Back row: Tyler, Brett, Uncle Clark, Steven, Brent. Front row: Erin, Christina, Eric, David, Kerri, Mary Jean, and Peggy. (Steve is missing in this picture. Sorry, Steve.)
Our official timekeeper/photograper: Lynn. He took his job very seriously. If a runner failed to complete the final Via Ceresa leg, he disqualified them ON THE SPOT. There were no shortcuts in the Youngberg Invitational.

Our final standings are as follows (I added back those disqualified. Via Ceresa isn't very long, after all):

1. Tyler 22:52
2. Steven 23:01
3. Brett 25:55
4. Erin 27:13
5. Steve 27:52
6. Brent 28:58
7. David 32:52
8. Clark 32:58
9. Kerri 33:44
10. Nina 34:50
11. Peggy 43:00
12. Eric 45:06

Yes, I know, there are many varying circumstances to our final standings. Yes, the course I planned was a little hard to follow. Feel free to take a minute or two off your time if you got lost, or if it will make you feel better about yourself. Eric may claim injury, as he found himself with severe back pain after the Youngberg Invitational Diving Contest. Kerri may claim post-baby slowness, but that would just be wimpy of her. And it is known by most that Brent WOULD have placed fourth if he hadn't taken a wrong turn. All the Youngbergs are most grateful that Steven and Brent were running strong so that we could avoid an Abbott shut-out.

It was so much fun. Mary Jean claims it was her last run ever, but I think she should plan to be there for the next Youngberg Invitational 5K, whenever that may be. (Any more weddings in YL?)

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