Thursday, September 6, 2007


Last Tuesday was the first day of school for Josh and Sophie. Summer went by in a blink. We spent many hours over the weekend looking for school clothes. We shopped so long on Saturday that Kate learned that stores actually close, surprise, surprise.

This is the last year Josh and Sophie will be in school together, and I am very sad! Sixth grade seems grown-up and I know I'll turn around and he'll be moving out of the house. Childhood is flying by me, and I don't want to miss out on any time or memories with these darling kids.

That being said, man, I get a lot more done now that they're back in school!

Here they are on the first morning of school in their new clothes with their new backpacks. Josh is in 6th grade and Sophie in 2nd. Kate starts preschool tomorrow.

And here they are with their buddies Emily and Coleson.

I also started Viva Voce again last week and began teaching lessons again this week. Lots of beginnings. I'm pretty tired, but I loved seeing my students again. I've revamped my piano lab a little and hope to figure out a really great system for improving rhythm and reading skills. It's nice to teach. I feel so much more competent as a teacher than as a homemaker. My laundry room is good evidence of that. The hard part of teaching is facing what has to be done after the last student leaves. The baby needs attention, more mess has been made, J or S need to go somewhere or need to be picked up from something, and dinner still needs to be made. AARGH! Thank goodness David's been around to help.

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