Monday, September 24, 2007

More of our September

I love the fall colors. We realized yesterday that if we didn't get up to the canyons this weekend that we would miss out this year, since next weekend we'll be in San Diego for Kurt and Ashleigh's wedding. So despite cold weather and rain, we did a little loop around East and Emigration Canyon. Ben slept the entire way, which was good, other than not getting pictures of him in the canyon for his first fall.

On Saturday we had a mini-shower for Ashleigh with just the flower girls, Christina and me. She wanted to go to Mazza, which was delicious. Yummm...hummus and shawarma. Kate loved eating lemons, which always cracks me up. I keep thinking she'll grow out of it, but I love that she hasn't. All the flower girls chose their own presents for Ashleigh. Abby chose two pairs of earrings, Sophie chose a cookie scoop, a timer, and a spatula, and Kate chose three sets of cookie cutters, including a set for making dog biscuits for Riki.

Later on Saturday Josh had a soccer game, Sophie had her birthday party (High School Musical 2: woohoo), and then Josh and David went to the Real game. Both soccer games were set in the pouring rain, but they were prepared and had a good time.

Here are Sophie and all her darling friends and cousins. Many of these girls have been her friends since birth or close to it. I'm grateful to live in a place where we've been able to set down roots. I hope some of these friendships last for her lifetime.

Sophie update: Oh my! She decided to quit gymnastics! We've done a lot of thinking, talking and praying about this decision, and she feels good about having more time to just be a kid for now. She may decide she's bored in a couple of months, but 10 1/2 extra hours a week is nice. We still have options for the future. Her coaches would welcome her back, if she chooses to return, or she can move in a different direction altogether. She decided to stick with violin AND piano, even though I told her she only had to keep one instrument, and that it didn't even HAVE to be piano. We'll see where the next few months take us.

And here is our cute 5-month-old Ben. He's such a joy. He's been scooting all over to get to his toys, and even managed to fall off the queen bed last week. Uh-oh. He's dying to try solid food and nearly pulls our plates onto our laps at every meal. He likes sitting, chewing on everything he can find, toys, being tickled by Sophie, reading (chewing on) board books with Mommy, and his brother and sisters. He doesn't like being alone, having toys taken away, or his sister Kate's curly hair in his face. He is busy busy busy and darling darling darling. If only he'd sleep through the night....


Jessie Eyre said...

Wow, Kerri. Little Ben is quite the looker! I can't believe how fast they get looking like little BOYS! The rest of your kids are lookers, too, so I'm not surprised! So glad to be attached to your blog! Sure miss you guys!

Wendi said...

That was a really great post. You have been a seriously busy mom lately. glad things are going well. Ben is adorable!
I like those days when you just take the kids for a drive and be a family. Whether it's to hang out at the park or drive and see the leaves in a canyon, those are the days that kids will remember the most, IMO