Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's All Stupid. Except Glee. And David

So I have this post idea about the whole Obama/Hitler thing. It keeps rearing its ugly head in my brain. I still have much to say about this, but I'm not sure I want to spew more political stuff into the blogosphere, especially after the last comment I got that suggests that we have a bunch of modern Gadianton robbers planning the overthrow of all that is holy and that maybe I should decide to stand up for what is right and good. So there's a chance I'll just bore my friends and David talking about the stupid Hitler comparison until I work it out of my system, but there's also a chance I'll write something about it. I can't make any promises. But Obama = Hitler? Beyond stupid.

I also can't figure out why I'm gaining so darned much weight while training for this darned marathon. Stupid stupid stupid. Yes, it could have something to do with cookies, but for heaven's sake, I gained a pound the week I ran 38 miles. Stupid stupid stupid. Did I already say that? This post should make it clear that everything feels stupid right now.

Josh is sick now (joining Kate and Ben. Also, Sophie tried to convince me that she was sick yesterday). The one good thing about that is that I don't have to drive him to Bountiful tonight for soccer practice. One of the stupid things about this is that I'm supposed to go to the symphony gala tomorrow night. Guess I may not be going to the symphony gala tomorrow night.

And stupid house-selling more to say on that, but WAY stupid stupid stupid.

On the other hand, Glee was hysterical last night. And David manages to still like me, even when I'm ranting about stupid things or leaving paper piles in my used-to-be clean office. Thank goodness for my David. He is one bright spot in an otherwise stupid universe.

I wish I could talk about the phenomenal poetry I've been reading, or art I've been creating, or people I've been helping or something inspiring, but I just am not feeling like doing much. Especially figuring out what to make for dinner, which I really should be getting on the table right this minute.



Danielle said...

I have heard that most people gain weight when training for a marathon. I've heard it more than once so it must be true...right?

Anytime you want to spew about the Obama/Hitler thing feel free to drop me a line because its got me all fired up too. I don't even know where to start!

The Dunham Family said...

Love the rant! Two thumbs up!

Yes, the marathon training does make you gain weight. You get so hungry from all the training.

I hope your world get un-stupid soon. I miss seeing you at school. Can I run with you when you are done with the marathon/weight gain? I would love too!

Lara said...

I'm sorry that things are stupid right now. I guess it could be worse than stupid. Maybe.

Perhaps the weight gain is hormonal? And also the stupid thing? Just a thought. Things get pretty stupid for me about once a month. But of course, I HATE hearing that that could be the reason. So scratch that.

Here's hoping it gets smart.

And that you get to go to the symphony gala tomorrow night. (I want to go, too!)

Megan B. said...

I so agree about the Obama/Hitler thing! Even though I try to not think badly of people, I am really starting to think that the more conservative Republicans are actually really sore losers.

Megan B. said... other thing- Glee is awesome!

The Dunham Family said...

My sister in law is "one of those" that compares Obama to Hitler.

I tend to side with Maggie who call Obama--"The Rock" Why? I asked her. "Because he Rocks!"

Shannon said...

Kerri, can I please come sit by you for a while? Because things in my universe are crazy stupid too. Oh this was nice to read tonight. You have no idea. :)

Gaylene said...

Obama/Hitler--Stupid! Kids being sick--Stupid, Weight gaing--BIG FAT STUPID (have you looked at me lately!!!! stupid, stupid, stupid!!!) Getting to watch Glee-dang! I didn't get to--that is even more stupid. I don't get to watch a lot of t.v and that's one I wanted to see. Getting to read anything these days, well that doesn't happen and that is way stupid--I love to read. even if is just a chapter of SOMETHING! You can always call me and vent! David
letting you vent on David---priceless!!!

Liz said...

MOST people gain weight during training, so they say! I know it sounds STUPID, but being on the other end is STUPID, too! I totally used the word STUPID to Kyle yesterday about all the things he had chosen to do. I didn't call him STUPID, but said he had done some STUPID things during the day! And, if this house business is so STUPID, don't do it!!!!! :( I know you need to do what's best, but that's my little plea to not leave us! :( Running tomorrow at 6 hopefully won't be STUPID!

Liz said...

OH, and I just watched the first episode of GLEE! LOVE IT!!! I'll be watching the 2nd after lunch! Oh, and I was STUPID to be so mean to my little Kyle. He's 4!!! I need a good run tomorrow! I just love rambling on and on when I leave you comments!

bradandstaci said...

Im glad that im not the only one that gets stuck in a "stupid" rut sometimes!!!