Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Morning 12.25.10

Christmas morning.

We told Santa to put the stockings upstairs by the kids' bedrooms so they could open them while we waited for Bri, Mike and Celia to make the drive from LA.  I'm pretty sure each of the kids snuck down at some point to see the presents, but the stockings kept them pretty occupied.

When the LA contingent arrived, we had family prayer around Mom and Dad's bed and then the wild rumpus started.

Steven shared present duties with Josh.

Ben got Geotrax.

Kate got Elizabeth.

Christina did a beautiful job of collecting many of our memories and putting them together with pictures for Mom and Dad.

Santa's Little Elves brought Chad a sweet do-rag.  I hope he wears it to work every day.

One of the most unexpected parts of Christmas morning was Mike and the cinnamon.  He heard the boys talking about the cinnamon challenge.  Mike...the guy just loves a challenge.  Let's just say that downing a teaspoon of cinnamon is WAY harder than you'd think.  Way.

It was one of those quiet, slow Christmases where you stay in your jammies half the day (OK, all day), the kids play happily with their new toys, people talk and laugh, and you sleep a lot because you have the flu and you feel sicker than you've felt in years.

It was a good Christmas.  It really was.  Other than the flu.

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Janae said...

ok I can't stop laughing at those pictures of Kurt! hahaha Classic! That's awesome that you all got together for Christmas! I doubt that'll EVER happen again for my family. Too much drama & someone's always mad at someone. Ugh. That white elephant exchange looks so much fun! They're always my favorite parts of the holidays. Can never have too many white elephant parties. You know what else? I kind of adore your family too. :)