Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Goodbye, Rhino the Second, we only knew you for a few days.  So sorry you had to leave us so soon.

Kate wants me to go pick up two new frogs on Friday when the new shipment arrives at Petco.  I think that bringing more frogs into this house may constitute cruel and unusual punishment.  To whom, I'm not sure: maybe Kate AND me AND the new frogs.

(Did I use "whom" appropriately there?  If so, aren't you impressed by my usage of "whom"?  If not, Chris, you don't have to tell me, because I'm sure I'll use it inappropriately again when enough time has passed and I've forgotten the correct grammar rules for "whom".

Five interviews today for piano students.  We moved the Clavinova up to the studio to hang with the Yamaha.  The extra desk will venture up there soon (as soon as we find strong arms to help, that is.)  First lessons taught the first week of June.  Doors shutting, doors opening.  And frogs dying.  It's an adventure around here, friends.  A big adventure.


Chris said...

Out of respect for the late frogs, I'll not make an unseemly show of congratulating you for the proper use of "whom."

Poor Kate!

Holly said...

Wow, 5 interviews in one day. What did you do, put an ad in the paper? The teachers around here are complaining about losing students due to the economy. That's great that you can find students that quickly.

Kerri said...

No ads, Holly, just absolute right timing. I'm very blessed.