Sunday, May 15, 2011


Just pulled one of the replacement frogs (bought her Friday) out of the tank.  I did everything the pet store dude told me to do to ensure the health of Kenya II and Rhino II...and she was still floating on her back tonight.  And Rhino II doesn't look so healthy, either.

Sigh.  Pets are a lot of work, even if they don't pee all over their blankets (like I found Tally had when I checked on her while taking care of the dead frog.)

And now I will curl up on the couch under a blanket and pretend I am not in charge of any animals for a long while, or at least until Tally starts doing her old lady bark for attention.

And that moratorium?  I guess it's just not happening.  Forget I asked.  It was probably a bad idea, anyway.   I need to be ready to accept whatever the universe has ready for me next, not try to make deals to keep the bad things away.

That said, I'm still crossing my fingers for the continued health and well-being of Rhino the Second.


Cath said...

My goodness Kerri! I'm still praying for your moratorium. No one needs/deserves one more. Hang in there. You're amazing.

Gaylene said...

Ugh! The nursery gave austin a fish one year for one of the lessons. We were lucky to keep it alive for 3 months (long for a store bought gold fish apparently) To replaceit after it's death, keit went down and got Austin one of those feather blue fish (I don't know anything about fish or frogs) and it lived for 18 months. It was so nice, feed it and no accidents around the house, unless of course you consider Andrew crawling on the shelves and pulling it over and then Ashlynne freaking out and screaming her head off because there was a fish flopping around on the floor. There were two such incidents for this particular fish. Then I guess when Keith put old Blue on the kitchen table and boiled him to death from the sun coming through the kitchen window was the clincher--no more pets for this house. Best of luck with the frog!

Danielle said...

I hope the blanket under which you curled up was not Tally's!