Friday, February 15, 2013

Snapshot 2-3-13: Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday sometimes crosses our radar. It's the only game that might actually get watched in the GreenHouse. And I use "watched" lightly. This year we had Ash and Holden over, and while we had the game on, of course, the real intention was to eat Super Bowl food and watch Super Bowl commercials.

Before the game started, I heard lots and lots of laughing from lots of cute people. They were watching clips of Superbowl commercials from previous years and laughing hysterically.

We ate ourselves sick (Ashleigh made amazing queso and wings. I don't remember what I made. Oh, yes, I do. Pretzel bites and cookies and salad and tomato soup) and kind of watched the game and mostly just had fun being together.

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