Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snapshot 2-8-13: Girls' Night and Inversion

What happens when you have a mini-nervous-breakdown and your husband doesn't quite know what to do with you?

If you're lucky, he might insist you have a girls' night with an awesome friend who meets you for Thai food (yummy), long talks about life, and who convinces the guy at Farr's to open the locked doors of the ice cream shop because you need sugar. Right away.

And what happens when you get home from your very-helpful-in-restoring-sanity girls' night and your children want a treat? Well, you might just break out the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. And then eat some dough. And some cookies.

So while girls' night ends up being good for your sanity, it may not be good for your waistline.


But it's a good thing that your sanity is restored, because when you look outside your kitchen window and see Mordor, you might just curse Salt Lake winters and the inversion and curl up in a ball and cry. But you don't, because you've been shored up by much sugar and much talk of surviving hard things and remembering that winter won't last forever. Even if it seems like it will.

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Cath said...

Love this Kerri. And that inversion shot is CRAZY! Mordor. Perfect.