Friday, February 15, 2013

Snapshot 2-4-13: Early to Bed

David had the hard job of going to the Steinway factory and showroom in NYC with a few other symphony people to choose a new Steinway for the symphony.

I was not jealous at all.


I didn't try to figure out any way possible to go with him.


I didn't have all of my students start watching Note by Note, a fascinating documentary on the making of a Steinway piano for their lab times over the last few weeks, just to make myself even more jealous.


OK, so I was, and I did, and I did. But it was not in the stars. So he left and I told myself that I would take the opportunity to go to bed early so that 5:45 didn't feel quite so early the next morning.

And I didn't. And it did.

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