Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kurt and Ashleigh

Kurt and Ashleigh were married September 29th in San Diego. What a beautiful day! The weather was perfect, the setting was perfect, and Kurt picked a perfect sister for me! Hooray for Kurt and Ashleigh!

We've been waiting for this wedding for such a long time. Honestly, I think we all wanted Ashleigh in the family from the first time we met her. Oh look, I even have a picture from the night we met!

This was March of 2004 with Sophie (4 years old) and Fifi, our cousin's dog. They've all grown up so much, haven't they? Well, all but Fifi.

We think that Kurt and Ashleigh are a wonderful pair. She's a little calmer, he's a little more firey (it's the red hair, bro, I tell you.) She has a heart of gold, and so does he. They care about people, they want to make a difference in the world, and we love them both. Kurt's always been special to me, and I am thrilled to see him moving forward in life with a partner like Ashleigh.

Abby, Kate and Sophie loved being flower girls. Ashleigh gave them beautiful silver heart necklaces and a gift bag. They felt very special and very beautiful, especially after getting their hair done with all the bridesmaids, moms, and Ashleigh.

Here's our little family. Ben was a trooper all day, except during the family pictures.

We can't imagine having any more fun. We loved the food, the chocolate bar, the dancing (Josh doing the Robot in front of all the bridesmaids and groomsmen is a great moment), the money dance, the cake attack (as you can see, Kurt did NOT hold back). We loved talking with friends and family, making memories together, and celebrating the beginning of a new family.

We love you, Kurt and Ashleigh!


Tracy said...

What a wonderful day!! Ashleigh is beautiful! And what a beautiful family you have Kerri.

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

Kerri! Your kids, your FAMILY, look GORGEOUS!! Congrats on the wedding! I don't know if it makes any difference to you NOW, but I'm coaching at GTC on Saturday mornings...just private lessons here and there. I'd love to work with Sophie or Kate if they're interested!
Big hugs to all of you!

Wendi said...

I've been meaning to ask you where the wedding was? It looks like a really pretty setting.

Kerri said...

It was at La Valencia hotel in La Jolla. It is a gorgeous gorgeous place.