Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is Coming

We love Christmas around here, at least in theory. In practice, making Christmas special is tricky, and leads to lots of late nights and therefore, grumpy kids. And Mom. And sometimes Dad. I'm sure that in the long run, the traditions are all worth it, though, and really make December life feel exciting.

Some of our favorite traditions:

Picking out our Christmas tree, then having hot chocolate in mugs bigger than our heads.
Decorating the family room downstairs, too.
Doing the 12 days of Christmas for a couple of families every year. (Oh no. We forgot last night. Oh no.)
Reading in front of the Christmas tree.
Reading Advent scriptures.
Sleepover in front of the Christmas tree.
Christmas lights on Temple Square.
The creche exhibit in Midway (which we missed this year due to illness. Sad.)
Decorating gingerbread (Ahem. Graham cracker.) houses. We had a BLAST with Eric and Christina making them just last night (thus forgetting to do the fourth day of Christmas. I could just slap myself. Argh.) Thanks, guys!
Watching Christmas Story.
Acting out the nativity on Christmas Eve.
An impromptu Christmas Eve concert, complete with drumming to Little Drummer Boy.
Clam chowder and a Yule log for Christmas Eve dinner.
Taking treats to people we love.
Lots of fun.
Lots of treats.
Lots of secrets. The good kind.

I love this season. I love the idea of the Christ child in all his purity coming to earth in the most humble circumstances possible. I love teaching my children about Goodwill to Mankind. It's all good.

Except the not sleeping enough.


Liz said...

All of your pictures are darling! I love the big mugs, I thought the same thing about Ben looking too old, and I love all of your traditions!

Malisa said...

(Oh no. We forgot last night. Oh no.)

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Malisa said...

Oh, um I forgot to do our secret santa last night. Oh no.

Camilla said...

What a great list!! I think I need to borrow a few.

Gaylene said...

You weren't kidding the mugs are bigger than your heads. Too cute. and I love the GB (oh other one) houses. The are way fancy!