Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Calls

We had an exciting visit tonight from the man in red himself. He was as charming as ever, and certainly made all of us feel even more in the Christmas spirit. All of us except Ben, that is. When the Santa Invasion occured, his little face filled with terror, he ran to Katy (our wonderful neighbor), and clung to her before she handed him to David.

The Christmas requests? They were eventful, as none of the children stuck to what they had decided they wanted earlier.

Josh wants a cell phone. But since his parents (meanies) won't allow it, he wants a camera with a detachable lens. Nice one, kiddo.

Sophie wants a lime green sewing machine. Lime green, you ask? Oh yes. Lime green. Do they make lime green sewing machines? No, they don't, well, certainly not in normal sewing machine factories. But Sophie has assured me that Santa's elves can make anything she wants. ("Or do you not really believe, Mom? Are you saying Santa's not real, Mom?") Stinker.

Kate wants five rings. Luckily, she doesn't care if they're Five Golden Rings. She just wants rings to fit into the remaining ring slots in her jewelry box.

Ben? He just wants Santa to go away, already.

It's always fun that Cole and Emily happen to be visiting when Santa visits. What a great coincidence!

Santa assured us he would find us in California. I hope we make it there before he does...

Merry Christmas, everyone. We are grateful for you and all that you mean to us.


Danielle said...

How lucky that Santa comes right to your house! We have had many last minute Santa requests too!

Christina said...

So cute, Kerri. Loved Benny's request. I'm surprised Ezra hasn't had the same reaction.

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

So who is that guy in that wedding picture? I didn't know you've been married TWICE. :) David looks SO different!!!

...and so do you, my dear. Never fear.

Santa is a magical man---and your kids are SO LUCKY to get to have him IN YOUR HOUSE!!! I never got that as a kid. You're the coolest mom ever.

Debbie and Boys said...

When you give a kid a reason to truly believe "HE" exists they'll definetely ask for what they really think he's capable of.
Oh how precious this time is. I'm hoping to make him last as long as possible!

Wendi said...

That is SO great that santa actually comes to your house. What a fantastic tradition. Don't you hate it when the kids ask for something completely different than what they had planned and YOU had already bought? Oh well. Can you believe that my kids didn't even sit on Santa's lap at all this year? They are THAT old. Actually, I should have taken Joseph, but just didn't get to it.