Friday, November 13, 2009

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For your viewing pleasure...

More pictures of the day! Yes! I know you're thrilled!

Monday, Nov. 2
Finally! With couches for the great room and chairs for the dining room, we decided we didn't want to wait another day to see our long-lost friends, so we had dinner with the Grandview bunch. We had a wonderful night with some of the most wonderful people on earth.

Wednesday, Nov. 4
My current favorite bread: Light Oatmeal Bread. Oh so yummy. (Katrina, I'll post the recipe soon.)

Thursday, Nov. 5
I can't get enough of the sunsets here. (Notice that! Something so so postive! Aren't you proud of me?) I wish my pictures did them justice. The striking shades of pink in this one were awe-inspiring.

Friday, Nov. 6
Christina came up with Ez and Evy to take a walk on the trail. The boys enjoyed throwing rocks and I enjoyed a wonderful long conversation with my dear sister. (OK, I guess technically she's my sister-in-law, but we've been sisters for most of our adult lives, so I think she qualifies as near-blood.) I so often come away from a conversation with her determined to improve in some area in my life, but in a positive, affirming way. I have been very blessed in the in-law department. I'm glad my brothers have such great taste.

Saturday, Nov. 7
Kate had her first Concerto Federation at the U. She played well. She was nervous, and prayed a number of times in the days leading up to the performance that she would play well. I love her sweet faith. I also loved listening to her chatter in the car on the way there and back and watching her with her daddy. I can't stand how quickly she's growing up.

Sunday, Nov. 8
Ben loves syrup. And sugar.

Monday, Nov. 9
Ben went to Malisa's daughter Sarah's princess party for her 3rd birthday. I thought he'd want nothing to do with his "prince hat." I was very wrong. He wore it for two days straight until it was sadly crushed by a cello in the van. Happy birthday, Sarah!

Tuesday, Nov. 10
David bought a blue shag rug for the great room. It's fun and funky and very soft. Once Ben discovered the softness factor, he started stripping his clothes off (except his diaper, thank goodness) to roll around on the rug. On this night he said, "Mommy, lay here. It's very comfy." What else could I do? I laid down next to him and read him books. He's so squeezable. (Also, he's sick AGAIN today.)

I know I'm still not caught up, but that's OK. You can just have all that happy anticipation waiting and wondering! So exciting!


Lara said...

You need to post video of Kate playing. I'd love to hear it!

Gaylene said...

I love the sunsets up there to--I really do miss them, but only you and I will be privy to that! And I love that sweet face of Ben's.

Liz said...

Sorry I made a hunchback pose for your Grandview group photo! At least I looked at the camera...unlike John! :) Thanks for calling today!

Malisa said...

Fun photos. I didn't realize Ben took such a liking to that crown. I have replacements....

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Shannon said...

Great pics, Kerri! Cute kiddos. The sunsets up there are amazing. My parents live not too far from you, and that's one of the things I still miss about living in Bountiful... their view.