Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The New Hood

Thanks to a lovely (unseasonably lovely) November day, I decided to make David proud (well, really, shock him to the core) by cleaning out the car, so I pulled it out to the driveway and went to work. At one point I looked around and counted 17 kids on the lawns to either side of my house. That didn't include the three that were playing inside my house.

They played some version of hide and seek on steroids until dusk hit.

They were happy.

And that made me happy.

Maybe we're going to make it.

(Kate did cry heartbreakingly at bedtime, worrying about having to move to a new Primary class at church on Sunday. She was put in the wrong age group accidentally, and is devastated about changing again. David said he'd go with her. I think I need to find a playdate for her with someone in her class to make the transition easier.)

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Sibber said...

Atta girl! I love you to pieces! You are AWESOME!