Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Happy List

So I stole this idea from Rockstar Diaries.

It's like my gratitude posts, but different. No pressure, just the joy of finding

10 things that make me terribly happy

(Forgive me. Unlike Taza, I will not use italics and different sized fonts. I am no longer 23 (as much as I think I should be), so I will act my advanced age and be very proper in my typography.)

1. The trail. Bonneville Shoreline, to be exact (the picture is me on said trail.)
2. Baking in my new convection oven. Hello, delicious cookies
3. David and his mad decorating skills
4. Fresh oatmeal bread with butter
5. My sweet JP Pramberger. Don't know JP? You will. I'll be talking about him later
6. Nephi's Psalm (need a cheat sheet? 2 Nephi 4:16-35)
7. Sunsets
8. Children playing hide and seek on steroids (see yesterday's post)
9. Spontaneous kitchen dance parties
10. Have I mentioned the trail?


tonandboys said...

I love this photograph. You look amazing! I want to try out a convection oven. I still remember being blown away by David's decorating skills in your first house in Salt Lake. Amazing ...would be an understatement. If he ever goes public with his skills, he will be the most wanted man in Salt Lake. Also, he will have to put me on his waiting list.

Danielle said...

You look like a rock star in that photo...

and you know I love a good list.

Lara said...

Spontaneous kitchen dance parties are the best!

And I think I need to go make some cookies now. Except without the cool convection oven.

Michelle said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll be following yours from now on!

I love the trail too-- I'm just running a different segment. :)

Christina said...

Love the pic, Kerri! I loved seeing you today. You're the best!

Treen Berg said...

Agreed. A lovely photo lady. I'm luving your happy list. So will you share your oatmeal bread recipe one of these "what should i post on today" days? I would love to try some...reading your happy list gave me some cravings. :) Sending you a big hug to keep the gratitude coming. I feel like I am on the gratitude roller coaster at times trying to understand each step we are taking and why. luv you! katrina