Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ben's Photo Shoot

Today we attempted to take pictures of the kids in their Christmas get-ups.

All I need to say is "Two Year Old" and you can guess how our photo shoot went.

But if you'd like to see for yourselves, here's the photographic evidence. In exact order.

Ben, in living color:

(The two items he's enthralled with in the pictures are a Playmobil sword that he likes to sleep with and one of the Swedish stars from the tree. Just in case you wondered.)


Gaylene said...

I so love that cute face! It makes my heart melt!!!!

Linda said...

So cute!! Those pictures are a treasure Kerri! :) Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

those are adorable!

Danielle said...

He is so cute and so very, very two!

We recently had family pictures taken, and Hannah is pulling a face or covering her face in EVERY single picture.


Jessie Eyre said...

He's so dang cute! A perfect mix between David and Josh, don't you think!?

Happy Christmas to you guys! Sure love you!

Camille said...

**sigh** He's growing up too fast!! Starting to look like Josh in some of those pics!

Jacque Dance said...

We have a Christmas photo from when Chip was probably a few months under 2. He is reaching toward the camera because my mom is behind it holding up Santa cookies and promising him one if he'll be good. It's one of my favorite cards from over the years.