Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Plain Crazy

I'm pretty burned out on the running thing. Getting this thousand mile thing finished just may kill me. And once I hit that 1000th mile, I may never want to run again.

So why did I just sign up Team Youngberg for the Southern California Ragnar? And why am I so excited about it?

Yes. Just plain crazy.

But honestly...running from Santa Barbara to Dana Point with my siblings and their spouses? It's going to be awesome. Or at least it will be memorable. Hopefully, it will be both.


Danielle said...

Running through Southern California sounds really nice right now. What a fun thing!

Karin Webb said...

I went to Dana Point on a field trip in 8th grade. We stayed on a ship in the harbor and pretended to be sailors (re-enacting Richard Henry Dana's "Two Years Before the Mast") It was awesome! Your family should do that after you run your race :D Good luck!!

Gaylene said...

When is the Ragnar? It sounds like a great time with all of the family. and it ought to be really great if the weather is nice!

rhae said...

Wow, is it running the PCH the whole way? That sounds amazing! I cannot image a more beautiful run. Good luck!