Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks to Christina for tagging me...

Where I was 10 years ago: Living in our little house in South Salt Lake. Josh was 1 1/2, I was teaching piano in Heber, Provo, and Salt Lake, and deciding whether or not I'd keep traveling to teach.

Things on my to-do list: Organize my house, run more, and start practicing more regularly.

If I became a billionaire: Oh, my. Tithing first, then I'd start a few foundations (one for providing music lessons for underprivileged children, one for housing assistance, and one for people to apply to when they're really in need but have nowhere to turn), build a bunch of Habitat for Humanity houses, buy E & N their dream house down the street from me :), donate a ton to the Perpetual Education Fund, do a bunch of microloans, pick out my dream grand piano (but only if Christina hadn't bought one for me first), pay for a fantastic vacation with all of my dearest family and friends. Oh, and hire a cleaning lady.

Three bad habits: Not going to bed on time, procrastinating, and eating too much

Five places I've lived: Long Beach, Yorba Linda, Friday Harbor (but only for a month), Provo, Salt Lake City

Five jobs I've had: Office work at State Farm Insurance, Cinnamon Works bakery, YMCA youth counselor, accompanist, piano teacher

Something most people don't know about me: I went to college on a percussion scholarship, not a piano scholarship.

I tag all my loop buddies and Stephanie.


Shannon said...

This was fun to read! I'll post mine on my blog when I can.

Libby said...

What does it mean to be tagged? Do I just answer the questions?

I think all my "bad" habits are the same Kerri :o)

Tracy said...

You lived in Yorba Linda? Wow! Just a few minutes from where I grew up! By the way, in relation to your billionare question, am I considered a dear friend yet? :)