Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just for Eric (and Mom)

Eric and I spent most of my childhood Saturday nights in front of the Lawrence Welk show. It was my mom's favorite, and I would guess no other TV show has ever made her quite as happy (right, Mom?). We'd have just finished our baths and Dad would comb out my tangles while we watched. Good times.

So Eric, I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did. And Mom, I'm sorry. But it just had to be posted.

(Thanks, Motherboard. Funny stuff.)


Chris said...

How is it that we were raised in the early '50s, and yet are still so young?!

Brian and I have this very same memory, since our mom also capped our Saturday bathtime by letting us watch Lawrence Welk. Regina laughs, since at her house they were watching Saturday Night Fever!

Danielle said...

Ah...the bubbles!

Emilia said...

Love it! My grandma always made me watch Lawrence Welk. I think I can still sing the whole theme song.

Christina said...

I had a similar routine at my house. I remember feeling like my mom was pinching my fingers way too hard while trying to clip my nails. The link was too funny!