Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long Run Recap

Oh my heavens. Today was hysterical.

Let's just say the run involved rain, thunder, lightning, hail, soggy socks, and WE LOST LIZ!!!!

Yes, it's true. After only mile 7, we got separated from Liz. The worst part was that we were nearly convinced that she got abducted after a porta-potty stop. I mean, come on, we're not 12. Liz could kick anyone senseless who tried to abduct her. But we were a little freaked out, standing in the grey thundery weather, wondering how we could have missed her and where on earth she might be.

Finally we decided Liz was not a kidnap victim and kept going. Apparently, I had made a wrong turn, and she kept trying to catch up to us. She met up with a few guys and ran the rest of the eighteen with them. We four split up into pairs to try to find Liz. Bliss and I ran up to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon (I just wanted to type that. Here. I'll type it again. Bliss and I ran up to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. I know. I NEVER WOULD HAVE BELIEVED I COULD RUN TO THE MOUTH OF BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON.), didn't see Liz, turned around and took Wasatch Blvd home.

And on the way, we got pummeled by another hailstorm. We laughed and screamed in pain and laughed some more.

But we made it! 18.2. Good conversations, complaining about soggy socks and lead legs, and a feeling of great was all worth it.

Except I'm still sad we lost Liz. And I'm just glad no one stole her after all.

And my boy is back from Scout Camp. Love that boy. He had a great time. I'm so glad.

(Later. Must clarify. Liz did NOT run home with a bunch of guys. She told me she did, but she was lying. She was referring to the guys on her iPod. Stinker Liz.)


Liz said...

I can't believe you think I'm the type of girl that would just start running home with a bunch of guys!!! That's funny!!! I'm sorry for the confusion and the stress I caused you guys! I feel the love! I'll miss you this next week! I already can't wait til' you're back!

Malisa said...

What a crazy run. It's true...I'm jealous.

I forgot you would be gone coming up! Ack. My life should be back to normal next week and I won't be able to call!!!

Liz said...

Oh, and I'm so excited for you to have conquered the mouth of Big Cottonwood!!! CRAZY COOL! Thanks also for saying that I could kick anyone senseless who tried to abduct me!!! I do like to think that I've got mad skills with my legs! :) I did stop at every intersection and hill, looking all directions for you guys! I had no idea where to go, but I hoped I would find you along Wasatch...not meant to be!

Emilia said...

I'm so jealous! I'm not sure I can run more than three houses at once. But it sounds like a blast...and makes for a great story!

Janae said...

I guess I just have one question which I feel is simple enough being that I'm not a runner & most likely never will be. Why do you not run with cell phones? They weigh like nothing, and are soo soo small.

Kerri said...

Janae, you're totally right. We should have had cell phones. But we were all carrying water and didn't want to wear belts and now we know better!

Camilla said...

Oh, Man. I laughed so hard at the thought of Liz jogging with 4 dudes. Sad to hear it was a fake-out on her part.

Then I started laughing that you lost her in the first place. Lost Liz? I never thought this would be possible.

And now I am laughing at the mental picture of Liz drop-kicking potential assailants. Because I know she could drop kick just about anyone.