Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Josh coming home from Scout Camp tomorrow. Hooray! It's been so sad to go up to kiss the kids goodnight and realize there's no one in his room. Sigh.

My long run tomorrow. 18 miles. I'm not being sarcastic. There's a feeling of accomplishment that goes along with the end of the run that I can't quite describe. Or maybe it's just the end of the run that feels so good. Ahhh, sitting down...

The Deer Valley Music Festival ends tomorrow with Elvis Costello. Double date with E & N and the end of my husband's busiest and most stressful time of year. Nice.

Next week's trip to CA. Family, the beach, the pool, games, walks and runs in the lakebed, friends, my mom's cooking, my 20th reunion run and party. I just wish my friend Ilsa was going to be there (hear that, Ilsa? You've been called out. You need to take a trip to SLC to make up for it...).

Having some kind of closure to the whole sell/no sell house thing. My kids DO need to know where they're going to school, considering school starts in a week and a half. But every time I think closure is near, something happens to mess with our minds again. Through another remarkable set of circumstances, the sellers are dropping the price on their home AGAIN so we can drop the price on our home AGAIN. The next couple of weeks should be interesting.

Having a microwave in my kitchen again. One of the strangest parts of my life right now is that we moved the microwave into our detached garage to make our kitchen look bigger for prospective buyers (I think they probably just say, "Where's their stinking microwave?"). So when I want to pop some popcorn, I have to open the garage door, walk to the garage, unplug the sprinklers, plug in the microwave, pop the popcorn, go outside to retrieve said popcorn, unplug the microwave, plug in the sprinklers, go back inside and close the garage door. Whew. I haven't been popping as much popcorn for the last three months.

Getting my dryer fixed. David's very good at many things. I'm hoping we can add "fixing dryers" to his list of things at which he is is very good. (He doesn't know that I didn't call a repairman yet. The "do-it-yourself" website made it sound like he could handle it. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.)

Going to sleep. I'm heading there soon (or at least I would be heading there if I were a reasonable person who knew that she was going to be waking up at 5:30 for a 5:45 run. I'll probably wait for David to get home from the concert, though.) (No one has ever suggested that I am a reasonable person, so why should I start now?)


Amber said...

I'm still stuck on the 18 miles.

Gaylene said...

I love that you have to pop popcorn in the garage. It just makes the outside smell homey, right?
I just wish I had room in the garage to pop popcorn. It still holds a lot of crap for all of us. I need to get a house organizer and just toss everything. I guess down deep inside I am a pack rat!

Malisa said...

This makes me think that I haven't talked to you enough. I'm happy Josh is home. AWESOME job on your runs. I hope you love you California trip. Yay that Dave is past this season. I'm chuckling about the microwave. Good luck with the house.

I think I will miss you next week.