Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And so it is that I lose $10

Oh, I was so determined to ace this challenge. Dang. I was able to take a week off for our vacation last week, since I am the one who came up with the challenge. I made the rules, so I included a lovely vacation clause. Each of us gets seven days off in a row at some point during the challenge.

My problem? My trip went for nine days. So I determined that the two driving days would be non-vacation, which worked out beautifully except for this one little thing: I totally spaced that writing is one of my challenge goals. Sigh. $10 poorer.

The trip, though, is worth all the challenge money I might have lost. We headed to the St. Joe river in Idaho where David's brother has a cabin. It is definitely one of my happy places. I will try to be good and post more pictures of us at some point, but the memories we make each year are mostly the same: playing in the water, kayaking on glass, watching birds fly while sitting on the dock, singing with family and friends, and watching kids play happily. There are also exhausted children (and parents) complaining, mosquitoes, wasps, and sunburns, but what joy comes without its own particular brand of pain, anyway? It's a wonderful place and we are always grateful to Paul and Cindee for welcoming us.

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Megan said...

I need to hear more about this challenge. Maybe I need a challenge.