Monday, August 26, 2013

Moving On

They all started school today: the 12th grader, the 8th grader, the 5th grader, and the 1st grader. It's beginning to be quite a joke, the way I now dread the return of school. I mean it. It freaks me out. I know I am lucky. I know it isn't like this for all of you. It wasn't always like this for ME. But with the way time is freaking flying by, the fact that my boy graduates in 9 months, and my little itty bitty guy is now a big ol' full time school boy, I just can't stand these milestones. They're symbolic of change that I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace.

But change, it is a-comin' and I know I need to climb aboard the change express and ride ride ride. Today, I left the school with my heart in my throat and thought that what I really needed was a good long lung-burning hike. So Maisie and I packed up and off we went to climb a mountain together. It was a good plan. I realized that there are blessings hanging around every challenge. So being a mom is looking a little different nowadays. It's true. It's different.


This is awesome. It really really is.

I think maybe I will make it. Especially if I figure out how to be more organized.

The chances of that? Slim to none. But hey, change is not just possible, it is inevitable, and sometimes change leads to better things. So there IS a chance.

There is always a chance,

I'm ready for a change, even if I had to be carried here kicking and screaming.


tonandboys said...

Is it possible to feel organized when you are responsible for so many different schedules. I don't think so. When I was only responsible for me, myself , & I, I wondered why my mother couldn't get her act together...ha..ha..ha.. Now the joke is on me. I thought I was the only mother on earth getting up at 5:30 a.m.. It is such an inhumane hour to drag out of bed. I think you are amazing, because you probably use your will power to get up and accomplish all kinds of wonderful things. I am simply forced to get up by an inhumane school district that thinks I deserve to put my children on the school bus @ 6:15 am.. I apparently deserve this lot in life for choosing to live in the middle of nowhere. Here is the best part: I cannot complain, because my neighbors don't mind at all. They are getting up @ 3 am to milk their cows anyway. For real.

Megan said...

That midday hike, those mom epiphanies---I just really love hearing about your life. All of it.