Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Memories

I can't believe Christmas 2008 has ended. My house can't either. It's still covered in Christmas decorations and downstairs the presents have yet to all find homes. But the calendar tells me it's over, so I'd better accept it and prepare myself for some cleaning extravaganzas.

Before that, however, here is some evidence that this holiday season was well-spent.

First, the Heber Christmas parties. We spent the Saturday before Christmas with David's extended family at his mom's house for our annual caroling party: cold Heber nights, warm soup, and lots of fun conversations. I especially love watching the cousins together, both older and younger. I love the mix of ages in David's family, and how much love is shown to us by everyone. The next night was our annual Sinterclaus party with Paul, Cindee, Rachelle, Bill, & Mom. We eat a simple dinner, then move to the highlight of the night. Poems. Everyone is assigned a person and writes a poem describing all his or her wonderful attributes. At the end, we add a little something that person could work on this year to be even more amazing. Funny funny funny and also often sweet. Paul and David's poems generally become way over-the-top songs. The kids started joining in a couple of years ago, and their poems are sweet.

Christmas in California was NOT warm, as I had hoped, but we still managed to have a fantastic time.

Christmas Eve was filled with memories. The extended family party was held at my Nana's house, just as when I was growing up. She is a gracious and kind hostess. The food was delicious, and the BEST PART OF ALL...I made it to the grown-up table. Yes, I did. I never thought it would happen. I've been at the kids' table my whole life, but because we were missing Aunt Jan and Uncle Jeff, the powers that be decided that David and I were ready for that big step.

The Nativity was sweet. Kate was an angel, Sophie was Mary, Josh a shepherd, and Cole was Joseph. The older cousins were wisemen. There were no animals, until later that night when Cole was surprised with a puppy. Oh my. Our gifts fell short after that.

Christmas morning we met on my parents' bed as always (it's always funny) for prayer before heading downstairs to open presents. Sophie didn't get a lime green sewing machine, but she seemed happy enough with the white one that showed up. Waffles with ice cream and strawberries were next, then laying around the whole day. We watched a few episodes of Planet Earth, played some games, and napped a little. Some of us never changed out of our pajamas, but I won't tell which ones. We had carne asada and chile relleno casserole for dinner. All in all, it was a truly successful Christmas day.


Danielle said...

Your Christmas sounds full of fun. Kudos to Santa for going with the "classic white" sewing machine! A lime green sewing machine will not be cool in a couple of years.

Gaylene said...

Too cool.
I love your Holiday traditions, both in Heber and California.
I think the Santa made a wise decision in "white".
The pictures are too fun and I love the one on Mom & Dad's bed.

Malisa said...

Your hair is beautiful - what a thing for me to notice in the post.

It sounds like you have lots of traditions. I think we need to have some more around here.

Can nine-year-olds sew? I've been wanting to show Isaac, but wasn't sure if it was doable. Sophie looks so happy with her gift!

Janae said...

OH MY GOSH! I'm not quite sure where to begin. Hmm. You all look so fantastic in your family pictures, both in pjs and in nice clothes on the front lawn. I think the "girl" photo is a classic! :0) Please don't let them bribe you to take it down. I miss chelsea and your parents soo much it hurts. We had such a fun time living with them last year. AND...did your dad MAKE that crib for Bri & Mike?! He really is a spitting image of grandpa in so many ways. AMAZING! I'm so glad you guys had a great Christmas. What a cute family. (oh and one more thing, I as well love the family photo on the bed..what a fun idea. You know that just made your mom & dad's holiday to have you all home)