Friday, March 20, 2009


It was a rather perfect Disneyland day.

You must know, I am not the hugest Disneyland fan. I have many childhood memories of long lines, sore feet, and being grumpy at my parents. Growing up near Anaheim kind of robbed me of that Disneyland magic. We'd hit the park anytime relatives were in town, and if I remember right, once I even stayed in the parking lot in my grandparents' motorhome reading to avoid the TORTURE that was a day in Disneyland. That's just the kind of nice kid I was.

Fast forward a few (OK, a lot) of years, and I must admit, this was a treat of a day. The kids earned the privilege by finishing the Book of Mormon (David's idea. I have mixed feelings. Don't judge me.) and let me tell you, they worked hard to finish. We knew that Matt's wedding was coming up and we read and read and read to get close, then we read and read and read on the trip down, then we read and read and read on the Sunday after the wedding, and we DID it. Congrats, kids. We had some really nice discussions, too, I'll admit.

The kids talked Chad into coming with us, and that made the day even more magical. Three adults and four kids is a nice proportion for a day in the Magic Kingdom, and Chad is fantastic with my kids. Thank you, brother. You're amazing.

Short lines, overcast but warmish weather, happy kids, happy grown-ups, darling Ben on Dumbo and the carousel, Kate swinging on Chad's arm...

Maybe it isn't REALLY the Happiest Place on Earth, but I'll vote for our day there as pretty darned lovely.


Janae said...

I remember going down to visit you guys when I was young and being soo confused as to why Brent & Kurt only wanted to play in the arcade at Dland instead of go on the rides!! In all the years that Jason and I lived in So. Cal, we had passes for 8 of the 9 years and I NEVER got sick of it! Ok, maybe once or twice. It was so nice to go and "escape" reality and pretend you were in a fantasy world. You definitly have more of that excitement in going though when it's not a luxury that's for sure. Your pictures are so cute and that little Ben, well, I just want to eat him up!!! I dig his cowboy boots. :0)

Gaylene said...

I've never been a big fan of Lagoon either. I've been to disneyland twice. That was enough for me. I told Keith I would not go back until I had children. That didn't happen but we have the little kiddoes. We'll go now when Andrew is all grown up, at least 4 So I'm off the hook for that long. Then that's it for me. So don't feel bad. I completely understand, 125%.

Malisa said...

The picture of Ben on the carosel is SO cute!