Thursday, March 5, 2009

Matt & Ananda's Wedding

We traveled to California this last weekend for my brother Matt's wedding to Ananda. We've been looking forward to this day ever since they announced their engagement (well, actually even before they announced their engagement). Matt is a wonderful, funny, extremely talented guy and Ananda is an intelligent, funny, beautiful, kind woman. We are thrilled beyond words for the two of them, and can't wait to have memory upon memory with them.

My parents hosted a rehearsal dinner on Friday night. It was nice to spend a couple of relaxed hours with Matt and Ananda before the happy craziness of the wedding day, and to get to know Ananda's family a little better.

Friday morning we drove to Los Angeles to the LDS Temple for the sealing ceremony. David and I were married in the LA Temple 17 1/2 years ago (I KNOW. No way is that possible, right?) and it's been a few years since we'd been back. So many sweet and profound memories flooded back to me as we entered the grounds and the temple. I'm so grateful for the gift of eternal marriage, for what it teaches about the sacredness of the bond between husband and wife.


The ceremony was lovely, the weather was perfect, the children were well-behaved. And Matt & Ananda...well, they glowed.

After pictures on the grounds, we headed back to my parents' home to help set up for the reception. The night was a fantastic party, full of love, happiness, good food, dancing, and a chance to celebrate love. And man, it was pretty.

It was a perfect day. Well, as close as it gets in this life, anyway.


The Dunham Family said...

Wow! Everything looks perfect and peaceful. I loved all the pictures. What a fun time.

Tracy said...

The LA Temple! Wow! That's where I went for all my youth trips, and that's where Chip and I were sealed too! How neat! They are a beautiful couple!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't tell you how happy I am to have read about Matt's wedding to beautiful Amanda. Congrats to the whole Youngberg for Matt, sometimes the best things come to those who wait! luvs,katrina