Friday, June 4, 2010

The Coldest Soccer Game in History 5.22.10

Seriously. It was SO cold. And it was the END OF MAY. This spring has been so wacked. The girls hung out in the IKEA tent we had thrown in the van. David and I tried to get warm under a sleeping bag. Ben ran around with a red nose. We wondered why we'd all driven to North Ogden to suffer.

Then we decided that we drove to North Ogden to support cute Josh in his last game of the season, and we should just deal with the cold. Josh scored the one goal for his team, and I'm glad we were there to see it.

After a while, we took turns watching from the van, which helped our spirits enormously. I won't miss driving to North Odgen, and I won't miss turning to ice on the sidelines, but I will miss watching Josh on the field.

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