Friday, June 4, 2010

Mess 5.20.10

I'd like to be one of those moms who take total chaos in stride.

I'm not.

And when Sophie called me to see the upstairs bathroom, I tried to take the disaster that was foam soap all over every surface of the bathroom in stride.

I didn't.

And in the process, I may have scared off Sophie's friend for a while.

Oh well, at least they won't have any more foam soap wars on MY watch......


Amber said...

Oh, the joy of messes with friends! i always thought I was leaving permanent emotional scars on my kids' friends when this happened. Then my kids would say, No, Mom, so and so's Mom and Dad can be really scary too!! I'm sure you were much nicer about it than you think

Malisa said...

Love the soap in the back of the girl's hair. That must have been fun!