Friday, June 4, 2010

Soccer Again 5.17.10

David came home. Hooray! And Josh had a soccer game. I packed a picnic dinner and off we went.

It's been a frustrating soccer season. The team has struggled. We talk a lot about how great it is to learn the lessons of being on a losing team. Josh has learned to be a good sport, to enjoy the game, not the results of the game, and to try to give off a positive vibe when everyone else seems to be feeling very negative.

It would have been nice to win every once in a while, too, though. Winning feels good. Losing teaches good life lessons, but it kind of sucks.

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Malisa said...

Tell me about it. As I had to fill in for primary piano today, I was cursing my dislocated pinky. So do you think that all those years of playing on the losing basketball team was worth it?!

Even harder for a kid.