Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dumb Blog Question. Help Me Out?

So I'm finding it really hard to want to post my pictures of the day on my main blog anymore. I want to keep doing the pictures. I want to have this view of our lives for my kids, and they love looking through them.

But it feels like they're getting in the way. And right now, when things often feel so heavy, it's hard to post Happy Picture #190 after Missing Brent Post #6.

So I'm just looking for your opinion. Here are the options:

#1. Keep everything as it is and as it has been.
#2. Create a new blog for the pictures of the day and save this blog for more thoughtful, less frequent posts. (And if this is the best option, is there an easy way to export the previous pictures of the day posts and leave the others here?)
#3 Do you have another option? Spill it.

And for those of you who have been wondering, we're getting through. This week is a little easier than last week was, we're getting through the days a little more easily, but there are (surprise, surprise) plenty of emotions roiling around inside. It just takes the littlest thing for them to erupt. Thank you for your continued kindnesses and prayers.


Wendi said...

I don't blame you for being overwhelmed at this point, Kerri. But, I think you can just leave it as is. If you'd rather throw another blog into the mix, it's up to you, but it actually seems like more trouble than it's worth. I believe that most of your friends anf family don't expect you to be completely on top of the whole "picture a day" thingy at this point. I know it's mostly for you and your own family, but there are other things that are more important sometimes. Just saying... I also believe that you will eventually get caught up and you'll enjoy looking back at this time just as much as any other time in your life. So, my advice is to just do what you can and forget about the rest.

Hayes Family said...

Honestly Kerri, I think you should push yourself to keep doing the picture of the day and keep posting all the really hard things. At some point your picture of the day may be of a box of tissue, or of the chair you sat in and cried all day. Or it may be one of Ben with peanut butter in his hair, or better yet, more super messy house pictures (those are my favorite becuase I feel like less of a slacker) But most importantly, it will be real...raw and real. It will be like your life. You didn't start the picture of the day thinking everything would always be happy. At least I don't think you did. Perhaps you never thought about it. But isn't that what this is about, working through the things we didn't think about? Didn't get the time to plan for? The things we didn't expect. Your kids look to this a a journal of sorts I'm sure. They will remember the fun happy things as well and the ugly bad things so why shouldn't your blog reflect that?

Nanda said...

just post as the inspiration hits you. Have a space to be creative all to yourself. I always think that's the most energizing. but if you want to post/talk more about the kids, maybe a private, separate one dedicated just for them? You're amazing, by the way.

Karin Webb said...

Whatever you do, just keep doing it! I love reading your blogs. You have such a gift with words, you really do. I'm happy with you when you're happy, and I'm sad with you during the hard times. So whatever you choose, I will keep reading!

Danielle said...

My vote is that you keep things the same. I think when you look back and see all those pictures amongst all the emotional posts, it will be real life: jumbled and painful and emotional with bright spots and eventually some loveliness again.

But I'm behind you 100%; no matter what you decide.

You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Gaylene said...

I have no answers for you but just from my point of view, I love your Pix of the day!
And I am glad things are getting a "little" easier. It really is a baby steps time. I remember when my dad died, it was such a relief and although I was not really very close to him and I wasn't too terrible upset (although I should have been, I guess) I remember sitting in the car, driving past a cemetery here in Salt Lake (he is buried in Idaho) about a year after he passed and I just lost it. So, just know that the emotions may come to a head at any given time. We love you and are praying for you.

Gaylene said...

From my point of view, I love your pix of the day. It just lets me see how those kids are growing!
As for those crazy emotions, and they will be crazy--it is baby steps every single day. When my father passed away, almost two years ago, I remember thinking that I really wasn't too upset. I know your's and Brent's situation is a lot different, but the emotions are still the same. My dad I and I didn't really get along and I thought I should feel something more, but--I didn't. I was grateful at the time of his passing that he wouldn't have to suffer any more and was grateful that the not knowing when something was going to happen was over. However, the tears never came, and never came, and never came, until one day I was driving past a cemetery here in Salt Lake (he is in Idaho) and I lost everything I thought I didn't have. It is normal and just know that I love you all and think about you and pray for you and am grateful for your wonderful friendship. and know that you can call anytime and vent or talk it out!

Kim said...

It's not a dumb question. You are just trying to sort things out right now. I think you should do what you want. I'm guessing another blog just adds another stress to you - you already have 2 don't you? I agree with the Hayes about realizing and accepting that life isn't always about everything being in order. I think it's more about getting through each day and understanding ourselves. If there are days that you just can't do it - don't worry about it. Your blog is for you...as much as we all enjoying sharing your life with you, it's yours for the sharing. Let your heart be your guide and know that you're in our hearts. Love ya.

Emilia said...

I say keep things the way they are. I love your pictures. And blogging about things the way they come...well...that's life. it doesn't get more honest than that. :)

Tracy said...

I am agreeing with all of your great followers. Try to keep things as they have been... but welcome all the emotions and "crap" that comes from life in general. Just do your best, as you always have been. We love it all no matter what. You inspire me regardless of anything.

Katie McNeil said...

Ahh, I feel your pain. Sometimes when those hard moments hit, all I want to do is write, write, write but I can't be THAT public with my problems. Then again, I can't be fake and act like everything is dandy. It's a hard balance.

If you do want an option for photo posting I would give Posterous a look. It's really, really simple to use, you can actually post something just by emailing. The interface is a lot like Tumblr if you've seen those blogs. The best part though? You can import your entire blogger blog (or just the posts you choose). So, you could import your photo-a-day so far and then continue from there. I'd check it out for sure.

And like everyone else said, keep writing, we love you.

Natalie said...

I think you keep things the way they are. I am doing the POTD scrapbook (Becky Higgins)and it's REAL LIFE to see all the mumbled, jumbled things mixed together. Your posterity and children will see that life was not always happy. They will learn more from how you handled it and dealt with your emotions than from separating the two. Many bloggers put on a "happy front" for other people and I like your courage to share what you are feeling and show that life is not always Happy Valley. Keep doing what you're doing. It will likely be very therapeutic for you.