Friday, June 4, 2010

Lazy Sunday 5.16.10

With David still gone to Spokane, my main concern (after cleaning up the dog poop all over my carpet from the party the night before) was to keep everyone happy while staying sane myself.

A sleepover with our sweet Alysha seemed like it would help, and I certainly loved that she had the brilliant idea to make my bed as an act of service, leaving me a cute note in the process.

My other great idea was to have Ash and Holden over after church so that I could have an actual conversation with an adult. Teaching 4 year olds in church means there's no real grown-up time to anticipate at church. Sacrament meeting is all about keeping Ben from screaming and crawling under the bench to torment the innocent people behind us and Primary is all about loving the ridiculously squirrely but loving crop of kids who enjoy standing on chairs, poking each other until someone cries, coloring on my skirt, and rocking back and forth on their chair legs.

So hooray for family willing to just come and be and eat spaghetti (for like the 3,000th time. When my brain is barely working, it can only come up with spaghetti, pancakes, or pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. I really need some other go-to meals. What are yours?).

Ashleigh and I decided we've talked about eating healthier long enough. We're now off sugar until she leaves to the Bahamas at the end of June, and I decided to change up my eating a lot more, too...way more fruits and veggies and way less refined carbs. I'm hoping that losing a little weight will help my running pace get a little faster. I feel kind of stuck where I am and am ready to push it a little more.

It ended up being quite a lovely Sunday. Other than the carpet cleaning. That was not so lovely.

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