Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silver Lining

While I don't want to say that everything is super peachy, I want to recognize the positive direction the GreenHouse plumbing problems have taken.

After the previous plumber left (without figuring out or fixing the problem and charging me $160), we tore out the pad and carpet from Josh's closet and mopped up the water in the adjoining utility room. A puddle formed again way too quickly, and I figured it looked like it was coming from the hot water heater. Then I remembered that our realtor paid for a home warranty, and I called the warranty company to place a service order. This morning, a plumber came over, said, "Oh, yeah, it's definitely your water heater" and replaced it before 10:00 am.

After he was done, I asked him if he thought this should have been a hard problem to diagnose. He said that it could have been diagnosed in 10 minutes.

Guess I know which plumber I'll call again. (The GOOD plumber, by the way is Clinton Thomas Plumbing, in case you live in UT and need a plumber.)


Gaylene said...

I would definitely call and get your $160.00 back. Did he even look at the ater heater? Then him that since it was the water heater and it took the other guy ten minutes to diagnose you won't be using them again!!!

Lara said...

I had a plumber come around Christmas time for an issue we were having with our toilet. He sat there for 2 hours watching the leak after he fixed the problem. When he left he said he thought it was still leaking and I'd likely need a new toilet.

Turned out it was just condensation, and the leak was fixed and I paid for two hours of labor when I only needed to pay for about 10 minutes. So annoying.

I am glad that you have a warranty, though! What a relief to know the real problem.

Eunic毓燕eMatte0215 said...
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Danielle said...

A home warranty and a good plumber are definitely silver linings! Hope this means a turn-around for you guys!