Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Domestic Goddess? 7.21.10

We all know I'm not a domestic goddess. I've made that abundantly clear.

But wait. Maybe I am.

Because when my children are hungry at dinnertime, and neighbor kids are also hungry at dinnertime, and dinnertime has not been well-planned (OK, it hasn't been planned at all. And is 7:45 dinnertime?), wouldn't a domestic goddess figure out a way to soothe the masses with little mess and fuss?

Yes. She would.

Witness waffles for dinner, happy faces, and a happy domestic goddess wielding her trusty whisk and waffle iron.

(I think this would be even more impressive if breakfast for dinner didn't happen about twice a week during the summer. But that's just between you and me. We don't have to tell the rest of the world.)


bri&mike said...

Brinner is one of the greatest things ever invented. Also, I love the world's largest syrup bottle (that is empty) on the middle of the table.

Gaylene said...

I love fixing brinner--we do it at least once a week! And the children will eat it!

Amber said...

Breakfast for dinner is my total standby.

Danielle said...

Hey, a good friend once told me that if you serve toast with your dinner of cold cereal you can call it a hot meal. Waffles...that's flat out gourmet for summer cookin' my friend.