Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Flowers 8.2.10

I loved many people in our last ward. Christy is one of those I loved. She taught me much about resilience and kindness. Recently she became engaged to a kind man in the ward. Both of them have faced hard things. I've been so impressed with both of them. When sweet Christy asked if I'd be willing to play the piano for their lunch/reception, I was more than willing. I was thrilled.

I used to play the piano for weddings to earn extra money in college. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was great, and sometimes my back just hurt after sitting for so many hours. But this time it was a privilege and I was grateful to be a part of such a joyous time.

There was one little problem: Just before leaving, I looked for my book of wedding music and the binder wedding music I put together years ago. I couldn't find them. If I lent them to you some time ago, let me know...

Christy gave me some flowers to say thank you. They brought back the happiness that flowed through that reception whenever I looked at them for the next week.

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Natalie said...

Aww... I played for many weddings, too. It is actually quite fun, but I can totally relate to the tired back. Sometimes I just wanted a 5 minute break to stand up and have a drink of water. Sorry about your lost binder. I think I might cry.