Monday, August 16, 2010

Peace and Quiet and then Not 7.25.10

I have never spent so much quiet time in my childhood home ever. EVER. Since Chelsea was at EFY in Utah, it was just Mom and Dad and me and lots and lots of peace and quiet. Sunday dinner for three? WHAT? (Yes, there are four plates, but that's because we thought Chad would come liven things up. Instead he had to patch a ceiling hole. Boring.)

I loved my weekend in California. We had lots of time to talk and laugh and remember and talk some more. Mom asked if I'd come again next month.

I wish.

And then I got home! And Sophie had made me a welcome home mat, signed by all the family. I think they missed me. But they still wouldn't listen to me when I told them it was time for bed.

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Christina said...

I LOVE Sophie! What a sweet girl!