Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Boy Turns Fourteen 7.28.10

Josh is now fourteen years old.

This is too old.

I am not at all prepared to be the mother of a fourteen-year-old boy. I never pictured relating to a teenage boy, deep voice and all. It's a little nutty.

But this morning at 7:55, he headed out the door with his iPod in his ears, ready to mow the (freakishly large) yard. Without being reminded.

So...fourteen? It might just turn out to be great.

In the last year, our lives changed a great deal. The changes have not all been easy for Josh, but he's learning to be resilient, to adapt and learn and grow. I'm grateful for his kindness to little kids, for his sense of humor, for his increasing love of cooking, for his good heart.

Josh's favorites:

Food: Pizza
Color: Blue
Treat: Cake
Music: Alternative (Owl City, Coldplay)
Sport: Soccer
Books: Endurance, Hunger Games, Catching Fire

My favorite teenage boy: Josh.

I'll let you know how fourteen treats us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be the best kind of adventure.

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